In no particular order:

Paul - A Kat, A Brick, A Mouse, A Dog or Comics: A Vast Waste Land - What can I say, I’m a sucker for the redrawing landscapes from old comics. This is totally like something I would do (except I would’ve left out the kat, the brick, the mouse, and the dog).

Mica Agregado - Blue Dusk - Really nice visual style (love that blue and red) and pacing to this one, though I find the lettering hard to read and the text not so interesting.

Alexey Sokolin - Freefall - Photocomics! Alexey has a great comic in the Abstract Comics anthology, but I haven’t seen much else from him. This entry is really beautiful, great compositions to the photos and the page (the way the photos visually interact on the page). I love the black shapes that become prominent on many of the photos, the structures and silhouettes.

Todd Webb - Moon Festival - This one attracted me when I first read it, and then got even more interesting when I read about how Todd made it (using a bunch of chance based rules and some appropriated photos). The simple thick line of the photo redrawings work really well with all the monochrome flat panels.

L. NIchols - The Perfect Human - Love the style of this one, the brown paper, the black and white on brown, reclaiming white as a color, the sparse compositions, the way the interactions of the panels make negative space.

Andrew White - Tides - You can see a lot of the things Andrew’s been trying in his single page pieces come through in this short narrative. The use of color, the sparse composition, the geometry, the sharp transitions, the attention to the moment.

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