Let’s see if I can round up links for who else is participating (besides me, I mean) in 30 Days of Comics (1 comic/day). Some people I don’t know their names, so I just listed their Tumblr/Twitter name. I think more than half made the attempt last year (those are at the top):

Warren Craghead
Tymothy Godek
Simon Moreton
Allan Haverholm (I think we might have lost him)
Thales Lira
Andrew White (posting at Comics Workbook)
Kevin Czapiewski
L. Nichols
Vincent Giard
Alexander Rothman
Ian White Williams
Nick Soucek
Wesley Osam
Caterpillars and Red Post Boxes
Andy Zeigert
Yvette Gustafsson
Damon Herd
Shirley Shabib
Rob Kirby
Liz Valasco
Brian Moore

Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone. Though if you aren’t on Tumblr or Twitter or you aren’t using #30dayscomics I don’t really know how to find you.

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